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2019-01-01 22:40

1. How to contact our Customer Service?

a. Return to the interface where you can select a Server and tap on “Feedback”;

B. In “Account Center”, tap on ”Customer Service” to enter into it.


2. Game crash?

If you use iOS system, please kindly note that your iOS system must be 9.0 or above. If not, please update your iOS system


For both Android and iOS system device, you can try the following steps: set the game to a low-level configuration to

have a try: avatar-settings-Adv. Settings-Low. Besides, the game needs a large storage space. We recommend you

deleting unnecessary pics, videos, and other APPs to have another try. If the problem still exists, please try on other

devices to see whether it is because of your device.


3. What do I do when update failed?

Please change to a stable network to have another try, if it doesn't work, contact our official Customer Service please.


4. How can I access my Account Information?

Go to the Home/Main interface in the game, tap on your avatar’s icon (on the top-left corner of the screen). Then, a new

interface will be open with all your Character’s Information, tap on “Account Center” (on the top-left corner of the

screen) to have access to your Account’s Information.


5. What can I do in the “Account Center”?

You can Bind (Link your Account) to another Platform, Switch Accounts, Change your Password, change Security

Information, check Recharge Records, contact our Customer Service among many others.


6. How to download this game

Please visit our official website to download the game through QR code scanning or downloading the APK on our website:


7. I recharged, but I never got my Diamonds! What can I do?

First, remain calm. If you didn’t obtain your Diamonds after a Recharge, please send your recharge history and the

information needed to our Customer Service by following the steps below:

   7.1 First, make sure that you successfully fully completed your transaction/order.

   7.2 Please, provide the following information in the ticket:

A. Order/Payment Time

B. Amount of Recharged Diamonds/Money

C. Payment Method/Option used in your Recharge

   7.3 If you are able to provide the following additional information, it will enable us to reply you faster:

A. Oasis Order Number

B. Payment Transaction ID

After submitting the information above, we will try to help you solve the problem as soon as possible! Thank you!


8. How and to whom do I report a BUG?

Please, use the following Template to send a BUG Report to our Customer Service:

A. User ID + Character Name

B. Print screen or Video of the BUG

C. In which System/Interface?

D. How did you trigger the BUG?

E. Where exactly did the BUG start and how did it end?

F. Did you lose any rewards/Items? If yes, which?

G. Other details (if necessary)


9. It seems like I can’t collect/receive my Reward, what do I do?

First, remain calm. If you can’t collect/receive your reward, please report your problem to the Customer Service.

In order for us to be able to better help you; we will require you to provide us with the following information:

A. What was the Reward?

B. From which Event/Interface/System?

C. At what time did this situation happen? (Your Region + Local Time)

D. Did you meet the conditions/requirements to collect this Reward?

If yes, please. Provide us with proof (screenshot or others)

E. How did it happen or how did you trigger this situation?

F. When providing screenshots, always provide us with the FULL ones without editing.


10. Our Facebook Fan Page 


11. Anti-Fraud Announcement

Please contact the official Customer Service by tapping Feedback icon when you encounter any issues in game. Avatar

Kingdoms' Customer Service will never ask for your game account and password in the game at any time.

Please recharge through official channels. All unofficial recharges, discounts, etc. are all deceptions.