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Avatar Kingdoms- Races
2019-01-08 03:41

To protect the mainland from the demon dragon, before the ancient gods entered a deep sleep, they created many races, and gave them different talents, hoping that when the dragon returned, they would band together to defend against it and protect the land they live on. During the long war, many races were wiped out, eventually leaving the 7 strongest surviving races.

Humans are the mostly widely found race on the continent, from snowcapped mountains to the vast ocean. They depend on agriculture, and have a short lifespan and no particular abilities, but they are hard-working, intelligent and adaptable. They will create livable habitats over time wherever they settle.

The elves live mostly in the forests, at one with nature. They are agile, keen-sighted, and view the world with reason and logic. Their long life has granted them the time to master magic like no other race. They are tall and slender, with elegant cold expressions, which make them seem their creator’s best work.

The dwarves are master architects,and proficient with a forge. They make their homes in the mountains, excavating rare mineral deposits and collected precious gems. Lifetimes of mountain labor have made them a hardy people with a strong sense of security.

The Kravens have the least populace of the seven races. They keep their whereabouts shrouded in mystery, and no one ever sees their true face. They live on high cliffs. With the sky as their companion, they fly on the mountain breeze from cliff to cliff, tracking and hiding, and like to use others to accomplish their goals.

The Orcs are a collective of different humanoids, so much so that each Orc tribe has a different image of their other tribes. They live on the high plateau, where the lack of resources often results in bloody conflicts with other tribes and races. Although their methods are barbaric, they do what they must in the name of survival.

The Mermaids refers to the human-like lifeforms that live in the water. In the Mermaids eyes, the land races of the continent pollute their waters,shrinking the Mermaids territory. The Kraven also often feed on the Mermaids, making them natural enemies. As such, all other races are hated enemies to the Mermaids.

The Dark Elves are a mysterious race living underground that resemble the Elves, but their skin is dark and their hair white. Compared to their fair-skinned counterparts, who pursue nature and freedom, the Dark Elves grow up with a strict hierarchy and a long existing kingdom. The dark Elves often shuttle back and forth through the shadows, observing from the dark, and waiting for opportunities, and they are extremely sensitive to change.

Goblins, distant relatives of the elves, are their exact opposite except for their pointy ears. They are cowardly, insidious, with beady little eyes. They are weak alone, and often attack in groups. They are greedy and often steal. They can be found all over, living in forests, dreaming of dominating the world.

The Dragons, one of the most mysterious races in the world, lead long lives but their population scarce. They are solitary and possess great power. A dragon’s heart is made up of a single element, making a dragon good at using its own element far better than any other race. Adults have the ability to shapeshift into other races, allowing them to mix in anywhere.

The Undead, A race of souls, are creatures driven by the dark. They originate from souls of other races as they die, keeping their memories and attachments to the past. Driven by darkness, they want the same fate for the living. They exist only as skeletons, food for the carrions.

Demons, corrupted by the void, are ugly creatures with immense power. They once existed in the world in great number,before the world was destroyed by the gods some escaped into the void,and gained great power. Now they have returned.

Demi-gods have great wisdom and mindfulness. Their appearance is that of the best features of many other races. Most of them originated on the second night. They are immortal and have considerable power. Legend has it when the other races were created, they borrowed their image from the Demi-gods.