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Avatar Kingdoms - Origin of Life
2019-01-01 23:12

The world began with chaos, where a great number of large and disordered energy elements accumulated. In the numerous

collisions, a collection of super-energy was formed, and therefore, the Avatar Kingdoms was born.

In the endless darkness and chaos, dramatic changes took place within the Avatar Kingdoms. It gained consciousness and began to

form the concept of time and space. As the Avatar Kingdoms accumulated enormous energy inside, the collision between the energy

caused the Avatar Kingdoms to split. The Avatar Kingdoms was divided into three parts, where one part of it continued to evolve,

one part remained in the middle layer, and the other part continued to sink and disintegrate. Although the Avatar Kingdoms was

divided into three parts, most of the energy accumulated inside was distributed to the upper and lower parts, while only a small

amount of energy was left in the middle layer.

After a long period of evolution, the Avatar Kingdoms’ upper, middle and lower layers had undergone tremendous changes. The

energy of the upper layer finally awakened to form the supreme Seven Gods. The energy of the lower layer accumulated and

cultivated the Dark Dragon. The middle layer formed the Titania continent due to its lesser energy. Some ordinary creatures were

born on it, forming the respective races. Only a small number of them, however, would have special energy. These races relied on

these forces to spread rapidly across the continent, looking for their own territory.

While exploring continually, the Dark Dragon discovered the existence of the Titania continent and intended to launch a massive

attack on it. The continent was facing a devastating disaster. The dragons invaded from the bottom of the continent, with their wings

wide-open covering the sky. The races on the continent could not withstand the powerful dragons.

The Seven Gods on the upper layer learned of this and started a desperate struggle with the dragons. The battle lasted for an age.

In the end, the Seven Gods tried their best to beat the dragons back to the dark abyss and set up a 10,000-year enchantment at the

junction of the continent and the abyss to ensure the dragons could not step into the continent again within ten thousand years.

The battle exhausted all the energy of the Seven Gods, and they entered a deep sleep to restore their energy. Before the Seven

Gods fell asleep, they created multiple races on the continent and gave them different talents, hoping that they could resist the

Dragons together when the Dragons inevitably returned.

Years later, after the Seven Gods had left, the continent finally regained tranquility. The seven major races and their branching tribes,

including the humans, elves, winged ones, dwarves, orcs, Mermaids, dark elves, goblins, demons, etc., were formed. They lived on

this continent and obeyed their respective laws.