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Avatar Kingdoms- The Greedy Lord - Gridi
2019-01-08 03:10

Type: Physical

Formation: Plains

Race: Human

Occupation: Knight

Position: Critical Suppression, blood shield conversion


【Hero Introduction】

Gridi is the Lord of <Brockes Castle>, despite his great wealth, he is extremely greedy and stingy, and a coward. Gridi

often shows off his wealth in front of others, and even when faced with begging civilians, he is unwilling to part with even

one coin. The people of <Brockes Castle> dislike their Lord. Gridi has valued money above all else his whole life, and

constantly worries someone will steal his treasure, so much so that he sleeps with his coin purse under his pillow.


【Hero Specialty】

Gridi is a defensive hero with a strong shield, and he can improve his life value in battle. The skills to mainly single unit