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Avatar Kingdoms- Handbook
2019-01-08 03:02


The “Handbook” is an album of all the heroes on the mainland. Every hero that appears on the mainland will be

recorded within, and people come here to commemorate the heroes in their hearts and pray for their help.


Click the “Ivory Tower” on the main interface. 

【Unlock Requirements】

Reach level 31 to unlock


【Play style】

1.     In the Handbook, all current heroes can be viewed. All obtained heroes will be lit up, and not yet obtained heroes will

be greyed out.

2.     Owned heroes can be cultivated by clicking their icon. Give heroes their favorite food to increase the likability level, as

the likability level grows, heroes will gain a stat boost. Additionally, they will gain a priority boost.

Note: Heroes priority values determine who attacks first during a battle.

3.     The current teams priority value can be viewed at the bottom left of the handbook interface. Players can click on the

gift settings button at the bottom of the page and select heroes to automatically be given food to when clicking the auto

“Gift” button.