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Avatar Kingdoms- Expedition Camp
2019-01-08 03:07


The Expedition Camp is a relic of the war between gods and Demons thousands of years ago. Once the war ended, most

of the tribes returned to the mainland to start a new life, only a few chose to stay and guard the treasures. With the

passing of time, the Expedition Camp is now used by many different forces, who both restrict and depend on each other.



Click the “Expedition Camp” building on the main interface.

【Unlock Requirement】

Reach level 29 to unlock.


【Play Style】

1.     The Expedition Camp has a total of 15 levels. With each level passed, heroes remaining health is carried over to the

next level and does not recover,and any heroes who die in battle cannot be used in subsequent levels.

2.     Four special events can occur between levels: Treasure, Artifact, Floating Lamp and Mermaid’s Blessing.  One of these

events will occur randomly between each level.

-Treasure: Earn great rewards, click to claim;

-Artifact: Obtain special artifacts. Collect 7 to obtain the “Blessing” of the goddess and claim a mysterious reward;

-Floating Lamp: Click to obtain a blessing from the lamp, one of three random blessings can be chosen to strengthen your


-Mermaid’s Blessing: Give the Mermaid a small amount of Diamonds to receive a gift in return. Increase your privilege

level to increase the number of exchanges that can be made.

3. Clicking the “Reset” button can reset all clearance progress. One reset chance is given each day, accumulating up to a

total of 3 reset chances. Upon reaching level 40, the “Raid” button is activated, allowing a certain number of levels to be

raided and the corresponding rewards gained instantly. The more levels completed on the previous day, the more can be

swept, up to a total of 10 levels.


Gold, equipment upgrade materials, expedition coins