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Avatar Kingdoms- Cloister of Sighs
2019-01-08 02:55


This miracle has existed on the mainland since time immemorial, and is said to have been the home of the gods

themselves. Powerful magic cards can be found hidden within, and many demons are also drawn by this power.



【Unlock Requirements】

Requires level 21 to unlock.


【Play Style】

1.     The Cloister of Sighs contains many floors, with each floor consisting of a certain number of battles. There are normal

battles and special battles,passing special battles not only awards normal items, but treasure chests as well. After

clearing a whole floor, a card treasure box can be obtained offering a random card.  

2.     Battles remain permanently cleared after a victory, and progress can be continued when re-entering the Cloister. When

entering the Cloister each day, rewards will correspond to the previous day’s progress. The further you progress, the

greater the daily rewards will be.

3.     Different battles and checkpoints will have different win conditions. Choose Heroes who meet the requirements, and if

the win condition is satisfied the battle will be won.

4.     After passing a certain number of battles, clearance rewards can be obtained by clicking the “Rewards” button in the

top right.

5.     In the Cloister, you can obtain [Cloister Coins], which can be exchanged in the corresponding item store.