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Server Merge Guide
2020-02-26 23:17

Player Characters

1. After the merge, characters that meet the following 4 requirements will be deleted.

(1)  VIP0

(2)  Below Level 20

(3)     No Guild

(4)  Not logged in for 7 days

* Characters that do not meet any one of these requirements will not be deleted

2. Remaining Characters: When characters for both servers exist, characters for both servers will remain. Select the corresponding server to use the characters.

Player Info

1. After the merge, all players names will have the prefix: SXX. All players will be given once free chance to change their name

2. All players recharge, Hero, Equipment, Backpack, Mission, Sign-in, Mail, Friend, and Likability etc will remain

3. The time for silenced and banned accounts will remain.


Guild Info

1. All Guild data will remain

2. All Guilds will have the prefix:SXX. All Guilds will be given one free name change

3. All Guild funtions will remain

4. Rankings will be reorganized



All rankings will be reorganized after the merge      



All player mails will remain         


Private chat         

All private chat will be cleared



1. All friends will remain. Those players accounts that are deleted will be removed from the list

2. The blacklist will remain. Those players accounts that are deleted will be removed from the list   

3. Players sent and unclaimed Likability will be cleared on the day of the merge, and can be claimed and sent normally after the merge    

4. Player friend requests will be deleted, and will display again after the merge



1. Ranking: Ranking will be reordered according to points after the merge

2. All players progress for the current day will be reset   

3. Other states will remain (Prayers, Rewards, Coins)      


Cloister of Sighs         

1. Ranking: Ranking will be reordered

2. Each floors first blood reward broadcast and progress will be kept 

3. Other states will remain  




1. Arena ranking and rewards will be reset. After the merge, all players must re-challenge the Arena (Ranking, Points, reward progress, daily challenges will reset)  

2. Battle reports will be deleted 


Grand Tournament

1. Previous rounds data deleted, returning to original state

2. Ranking: All player points and rankings deleted

3. All       battle reports will be deleted     

4. All bet records deleted    

5. All Bullet Screens deleted


Guild Arena         

1. Merged on monday, does not affect saturdays opening

2. Rankings will be reorganized  

3. Battle reports will be deleted 



Auto-refresh time be reset from 5 o'clock after the merge            


Proving Ground

Rankings will be reorganized      


Adventure Union        

Rankings will be reorganized      



Based on original server     



Please contact the customer service team for assistance should you encounter any problems after the merge.