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Guild Arena
2019-07-04 06:21

Dear all adventures, welcome to Guild Arena. The following is the introduction of Guild Arena, please read it carefully.

1,Opening time: Wednesday to Sunday, every week. (EST time zone)

A. 00:00-05:00 on Wednesday is the cooling time of Guild Arena, you cannot enter it during this period.

B. Except the cooling time, you can enter the Guild Arena anytime. But only the data within Wed- Sunday will be countered.

2,Opening at level 51.

3,Guild Arena playing types will refresh weekly. We will have 4 types every week. And you can also see all the ranks in the “Ranks”button, including your Guild rank.

4,Rewards includes personal rewards and guild rewards.

A. Personal rewards is according to your personal points in these 4 playing types. You will gain rewards every 10 minutes. Personal rewards can only claimed manually, and will not reissued by email. It will be accumulated up to 9 hours.

B. Guild rewards is according to the guild ranking. The higher the rank, and the higher the rewards. Guild rank is ranked by the personally points of all guild members. The Guild ranking data will stop updating at 21:00 in every Sunday, and it will be sent by in game mail.

5, You will totally have 10 challenge times every day.