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Guides and Tips
2019-06-19 05:25

Dear players, 

Welcome to Avatar Kingdoms.  There is the Guides and Tips page for the game. We will update it regularly. Wish you will have a good time in Avatar Kingdoms.

1. Communities for the game

FB main page:

FB community:

Discord group:

2. Tips-Find your account

A. If you want to change your device to play the game, please check whether your OG account (you can see it in the OG center) is a guest account. If it is, please connect one other account before changing. (like email, Fb, google account, Twitter)

(If you don’t connect the OG account with some other accounts, that means you are using a guest account. The data of the guest account will only be saved in the device you are using.)

B. If you using the same OG account to login the game, but you still cannot find your old account. Please check it in the “Setting”in the game interface, which will show you all your accounts.

3. Tip: how to use the gift code

4. Tips-how to change your card

5. Tips-how to use the treasures you get.

Dear players, you don't need to equip the hero's treasure. It will be activated automatically when the hero gets 3 stars. The treasure you purchase in the store can be used to upgarde the hero's treasure.

6. Tips-how to change sever

7. Tips-how to upgrade Collection Image to Blue

Are you still confused by the Adventure Mission of lvl 34? Look at the following picture.

8. Tips-how to get the Final Chest in Chapter 11

9. Tips- Quick end raids

Click the bottom of the raid interface

10. Tips-Altar Pray

please be careful when you Pray in Altar. Do remember click "save" after praying, or all the attributes of the praying will not be saved.

11. Tips- Equipment Awaken

when you want to awaken your equipment, you need to click "Comfirm" after you choose your materials.