Humans As one of the seven races, humans are found in vast numbers throughout the realm. From the frozen summits, to the wide open sea, communities of humans can be found living and prospering. Humans rely on agriculture to survive. Their lives are short and they don’t possess any exceptional abilities like other races. However, they are skilled at adapting to new conditions. No matter how harsh an environment, humans are capable of slowly building a society that can subsist there.


Elves One of the seven main races. Elves mostly reside in forests, living at one with nature. Extremely skillful and agile beings that calmly observe their surrounding world. Their long lifespans afford them sufficient time to hone the magic that other races often have no method of understanding. Their tall, slender physiques, and stunningly beautiful faces make other races believe that they are the Creator’s greatest work.


Dwarves One of the seven main races. Dwarves are the World’s most proficient architects. They are skilled at all methods of smelting and forging. They construct their fortresses on tops of tall mountains, allowing them to extract the valuable minerals and precious gemstones buried within. Laboring all-year round on their mountains has given them bones as strong as reinforced iron. Their physique is tough and robust, giving them a strong sense of security despite their size.


Kraven Kraven are one of the seven main races, but are also the least populous. They are a secluded and mysterious race, meaning that no one can say what they truly look like. They live on towering cliffs, at one with the sky. They are skilled at using mountain winds to glide amongst rocky outcrops, thus shrouding themselves from observers. They are accustomed at using others to achieve their own goals.


Orcs One of the seven main races. Orc is the collective name of various humanoid orcs. In fact, the orcs come in a variety of sub-species that coexist in small tribal communities. They live on high plateaus and often lack supplies. They regularly get into bloody conflicts with other races in their desperate need for resources. Although their methods are barbaric, they understand that everything is for their own survival.


Murloc One of the seven main races. Refers to the humanoid race that live in watery habitats. In the eyes of the Mermaids, the land races are a sore on the World, creating a huge amount of pollution that is causing their living space to shrink indefinitely. Flying races often feed on Mermaids. These are the Mermaids' natural enemies. All other races are enemies to Mermaids, who loathe and avoid them at all costs.


Dark Elves One of the seven main races. A mysterious race that lives underground. They look similar to Elves but with darker skin and silvery hair. Compared to the Elves who pursue nature and freedom, they live in communes with a strict social hierarchy, somewhat similar to small individual ancient kingdoms. Their environment makes them scuttle between shadows, observing from the dark, and moving opportunistically. The Dark Elves are also extremely sensitive to change.